Junior Electro-Mechanical Engineer

Junior Electro-Mechanical Engineer

Work type: Permanent contract, full-time

Industry: Engineering and aerospace

Location: Luxembourg

Languages: English, any other language is an asset


– Working on the revolutionary project in energy-producing and space industry
within a team of passionate professionals
– Competitive salary package & benefits
– Enthusiastic and motivated team
– Friendly and innovation focused working environment
– Flexibility and responsibility within the team
– Ability to develop within the team as the company grows


The customer is looking to fill the role of Junior Electro-Mechanical Engineer.

The main tasks for this position include:

– Supporting the engineering team dedicated to the electromechanical design of
complex subsystems
– Designing, assembling and testing of electromechanical equipment and systems
– Rapid prototyping of new design concepts by means of CNC machine and 3D
– Collaborating with individuals in other disciplines to support their electrical needs
and integration into the electrical power subsystem
– Supporting the test campaign of prototypes/subsystems
– Providing CAD models and stress analysis of mechanical components and
– Assisting in the transferring of laboratory results in upscaling prototypes
– Supporting the design of upscaled prototypes



– Bachelor or Master’s degree in Mechanical/Robotics/Mechatronics Engineering
or related fields
– Knowledge within electromechanical and machine design principles, CAD
modelling and basic stress analysis
– Hands-on skills for building and assembling laboratory test equipment and
– Good knowledge of Matlab/Simulink and programming languages (Python, C, C++,
etc.) to drive the design process
– Good written and oral communication in English. Other languages are considered
an asset
– Strong work ethics and passion to set and meet high performance standards
– Able to set priorities and work under tight deadlines


– Knowledge/experience in the Semiconductor, Metallurgy, Mining and/or Space
industry is an asset
– Experience with design of novel electromechanical systems from concept to
functional equipment
– Experience in automation and programming of controllers
1 year relevant experience in the field, such as f.e. machine design
– Knowledge of interdisciplinary systems involving mechanics & actuators,
electronics, sensing & control
– Knowledge of basic PCB design
– Familiar with prototyping by means of CNC machines and 3D printed components.
– Familiar with interdisciplinary (electrical, software, control, materials) laboratory
and in-field testing
– Due to the nature of the Equipment, the person filling this position cannot have any

medical implants, such as pacemakers, that are sensitive to strong magnetic fields.


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